About Us


The InsideLAB is a coaching community that helps you to create a truly fulfilling life by mastering your emotions, strategically designing your life, and finding the place where you belong.

More important than being an institution is that InsideLAB is a group of people that together are supporting each other in creating the life they dream of. A community of individuals who believe work can equate with passion, community and a force for positive change.

Creating purpose to your life by contributing to something bigger than you is key to be truly fulfilled, but that's just a part of having a happier life. There is also a huge job to be done on growing as an individual. Doing the personal stuff doesn't mean doing it alone though. Actually, to do it right is quite the opposite.

At the InsideLAB the whole experience is planned to be a mix of group and individual activities where you will find the support you need through all the journey - from the moment that something triggers you to join us, to the moment you start getting traction and truly transform your life.

It’s not about your age, what you do, or where you live. It’s about the force triggering you inside!

We are just at the start of our journey, seize it! JOIN US at the very beginning and stay tuned to know more about our next steps.